Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Final Thoughts

Okay, so the race is over. Sorry for the delay in posting my final thoughts on the Hanson Brothers Program, but I had a death in the family a few hours after I finished the marathon so I have been otherwise occupied.

First question - did I feel adequately prepared for the marathon?
Answer - Yes, I think I did. I dont think that only runnin a maximum of 17 miles hurt me that much. Do I think it hurt me - probably a little.

Second question - What are the downfalls of the program as I see it?
Answer - I think it needs more mileage. I ran an average of about 50 miles for the last 4 months of training. I really wish I had ran closer to 60. For me, that was more about time commitment than a willingness to run or fatigue or anything like that. I just have too much other stuff going on to fit in more than about 50-5 miles a week.

Third Question - How did I do?
Answer - I was very happy with my marathon. But... I also went out too fast. I wanted to qualify for Boston, but in the back of my head kind of knew that a 7:40 pace was a lot for me. My best previous marathon was an 8:30 pace and that's a big difference. I held the pace for about 16 miles and then my feet just felt like lead. My legs - quads, calves - felt fine, but my feet felt heavy. I was still able to run pretty comfortably, but my pace dropped to 8:40ish for the rest of the race. I also didnt drink enough - stopped sweating at mile 21 so had to replenish over the next few water stops. But I was happy with it overall. My only wonder would be whether I think I could have maybe started at a 3:30 (8:00mpm) pace and held that the entire time. I think I probably could have and in retrospect would have been better off going that route.

All in all, I was happy with the program, but I think that if I do another marathon (not for at least a couple years) I'm not sure if I would skip the 20 milers, if not just for the extra mileage that it gets in. I would probably not worry about them if I could get my weekly average up over 65 miles per week.

That's all for this blog. Marathon done - now time for some rest and running cause I want to, not because it's part of a plan.

Monday, October 18, 2010


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last hard workout

till the marathon, and it wasnt even has hard as it should have been. I had planned on doing 10-12 miles today with 8-10 of them at marathon pace. Instead, I only did 5 because I was too tired and woke up REALLY late. I did do 3 of them at marathon pace.

Only 11 days left now, so all my runs will be easy from here on out. It's just a matter of how long the easy runs will be I guess. I would still like to make 45 miles this week, but dont know if that will happen. At this point, no workout will really affect how I do in the marathon, it's more just a matter of resting, but not losing fitness at the same time.

Tomorrow I'm not sure how many I'll get in because my wife is working so no run in the morning, but I'll try to get something in at lunch. I would love to get a few good 10 or 12 milers in this weekend and then shorter runs next week as we lead into the race.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Long time since...

I have done intervals. I think it has been almost a month. This morning I decided to throw some out there. I was limited as to the amount of time I had so I only did 4 of them at a 7:15 pace, but I'm still glad I did them.

Also, it was pouring out so I did them on the treadmill. I was dripping in sweat by the time I was done. Not so much because of the effort, but that it was just damn hot in the gym.

Rest day tomorrow. I have to drop the kids off early at school and get to work for an awards presentation, then leave to try to get into Boston for a 9:00 meeting.

Wednesday I will try for my last marathon pace run - at least my last long one before the marathon. Next week I may do 1-2 miles at marathon pace just to remind my body what it feels like, but I would like to get a good one in on Wednesday.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two weeks to go

Two weeks to go and my various injuries that I've had through training now have me worried. I think my training has me adequately prepared to run the 26.2, I am more worried about holding my BQ pace of 7:40mpm.

50 miles this week, probably down to 40 or so next week as I taper down and rest up my legs. The week leading up to the race I plan to run about 20 miles (not including the race itself).

I did a 10+ miler this morning. It was supposed to be 12 but a friend that I was supposed to run with blew me off and I wasted 20 minutes waiting in front of her dark house at 6:00. So I cut the run short a bit.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Back to running

Kind of took the weekend off for personal reasons. Today was back to running. Even though I woke up late I got in almost 11 miles easy. I am hoping to get in a nice marathon pace run on Wednesday before I have to start doing all my errands before the wake that afternoon.

So maybe a run at lunch tomorrow which wont be more than 5-6 miles, then hopefully 12 with 10 at Marathon Pace on Wednesday. I also havent used my Garmin in over a week so I need to get used to wearing that again so it is comfortable on race day.

Only three weeks left till the marathon.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

1000 days

Today was my 1000th day in a row of running - that is almost 3 years. Unfortunately I didnt do anything special, just a quick less than 5 mile run before the Saturday routine of soccer games began.

I spent the week in San Francisco on business and got some great runs in there. I ran up Lombard Street, to the Golden GAte park, to the Ocean and had one nice long run over the Golden Gate Bridge and back.

I havent done any speedwork in about 2 weeks though, so I'll have to try to get some in this week. But my grandmother passed away last night so posting will be minimal this week and with the ceremonies next week, running may be tough.

Taper for the marathon starts on Monday.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No speedwork this week

I twisted my ankle pretty bad I guess on Saturday during my long run. I took it easy Sunday and Monday I skipped the intervals and just did some easy mileage.

Today i was supposed to have my marathon pace run (9 miles) but my ankle kind of hurt when I got up (probably due to the position I sleep in). It felt a little better when I started running but I opted to do about 12 miles easy instead of 9 at marathon pace. I think it was the right decision. The marathon is about a month away now and I dont want to do anything that might keep me injured for race day.

So, I'll keep all the miles easy this week and go back to some speedwork (at least back to the marathon pace run - 10 miles) next week.

6 tomorrow, 10 on Friday and 12 on Saturday.

Starting to close in on day 1,000 of my running streak - only 10 days left. I will hit the 1,000 during my long run next Saturday.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ankle sprain... again

I really think that for some reason my right ankle must just be weak. I ran a 16 miler this weekend - ended up doing 5 laps around Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA. At around mile 15 I twisted my ankle (again). It just seems to happen way more often than it should.

I was still able to finish up the 16 miler and it felt okay, but I really should have rested it the rest of the day. Unfortunately that was not going to happen. I had 3 soccer games to attend to Saturday, one of which I was coaching my 7 year old and was therefore running all over the field with the kids. They played great, but my ankle was really bothering me.

After that my other two kids had games and I was able to just sit and watch those (so ankle got rest but my legs tightened up). Saturday night we had my daughter's birthday party so we played Laser Tag for 3.5 hours (not good for the ankle).

Sunday I took it relatively easy but my son wanted to run in the local 5K downtown so I ran it with him. Only 3.1 miles but it really didnt feel good afterwards. I tried to take it easy the rest of the day watching the Pats win (Yay team!).

Today my youngest turns 7. She is so excited, so I got up early and started my run. I knew I wasnt going to do the intervals but planned on doing 10 easy miles. At mile 4 my ankle started hurting, so I walked for a few minutes and massaged it a bit and slowly turned around to head home (I was 4 miles out so I really couldnt walk back). It started feeling better so I eventually got my 10 miles in. Now I am at work and about to grab the ice pack to ice it today.

Tomorrow is just a 1 miler so that will be good to get the rest and we'll see how it feels on Wednesday before I decide whether I am going to do the marathon pace run.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holy crap - a teenager!

My eldest daughter turned 13 today, so I officially have a teenager in my house. Kind of freaky since it still boggles my mind some days that I even have children.

But she was so happy this morning - big smile across her face and actually up early and looking excited to get to school. The two younger ones were downstairs right away, dressed for school and wanting to give her her presents. They are so cute.

Today is a soccer day - all 3 kids have practice tonight, getting geared up for their first games this weekend.

On a running note, I did 6ish miles this morning with Jeanne which was nice since we havent run together in a while. I may throw in another 1/2 mile or so at lunch to warm-up before lifting weights if I can get out of the office.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Broken up

Life gets in the way sometimes - it really does. My wife ended up having to work today, and tomorrow is my oldest daughter's birthday so I have to go do some shopping tonight.

So given that, I decided to break up my marathon pace run today. I was slated to do a 9 mile marathon pace run today. Instead, I was able to get out at lunch and do 7.3 miles (5.3 of them at marathon pace) and will do another 7 miles (5 at marathon pace) tonight sometime. I told my wife i had to run and she agreed, but there will still be a matter of finding time - hopefully before it gets dark.

So.... 5 more marathon pace miles tonight and then a couple of easy days tomorrow and Friday.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Soccer, soccer, soccer

This was a weekend of soccer as my oldest daughter played in a tournament this weekend. One game yesterday and then two today, so we spent the whole day at the field - with a little(long) picnic inbetween games. But man, I never realized how wiped out I could feel just watching soccer all day.

run this morning was fine - 8 miles easy recovery run. This week I am going to have to start replanning my running schedule. With soccer starting this weekend and the kids in full days of school, that means my wife's work schedule will change. She will now be working at the office two days a week, which could throw off my running schedule. With soccer on Saturdays now, I will have to move my long run to Sundays I think because I just dont think I'll get up early enough to do 16 miles and then get back, ready and to soccer by 9:00.

This will then throw off the days of my hard runs (intervals and marathon pace runs) so that will be the tough part to work out. I may have to move them to Wednesdays and Fridays. I'll figure it out later this week. This week should be fine since I am off tomorrow, but next week will definitely have to change.

10 miles tomorrow - probably will try to do the intervals - 3x2 miles at 7:15 pace.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

No course today

Did a long run today - was shooting for 12 miles but felt good so I ended up doing just over 14. It was raining when I started, but it kept me cool. I drove out and dumped some water in a few spots beforehand (which is time consuming but helpful for me so I dont have to carry anything).

I even turned it into a Progression run of sorts and picked it up for the last three or four miles. Calves are a little tight right now, but I am on my way to CPR class so I can finish up my coaching certification.

Recover 8 miler tomorrow and then we'll see about doing some speedwork on Monday.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little extra today

Today I was slated to run 6 miles, but I threw in an extra mile and a half (even though I woke up late and was pushing getting to the office late) because tomorrow I'm not sure how much I'll be able to fit in.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Deutschebank Championship PGA tour. My brother and I have taken my father to this every year as his Father's Day gift for the past 5 or so years. The problem is - we leave pretty early. So, not being sure I'll have time to get the full 10 in tomorrow, I added a bit to today to try to make up for it. The rest of the weekend's runs shouldnt be a problem, but just not sure about tomorrow.

Tomorrow - supposed to do 10, hoping for 8. The 12 on Saturday and 8 more on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feelin Good

Did a 9 mile pace run today and felt pretty good. Granted, I didnt get much sleep and it was pretty humid out there, so I did feel a bit dehydrated at the end, but I was able to hold pace pretty well.

Funny thing is that the pace run today actually ended up being longer than my long run will be this weekend.

Now on to my debate. I have a 16 miler planned for next weekend (Sept 11/12) but there is a 5K on the 12th that is a pretty good course and right in my home town. I am tempted to give it a try but that would mean foregoing the long run I think - or running the 5K on really tired legs which isnt exactly a good idea either. So, not sure what I will do - right now I am planning on not doing the 5K and doing my long run, but I may change my mind several times between now and then.

Six miles tomorrow, then 10, then 12, then 8. Lots of mileage the rest of the week, but all of it slow. And I was really happy with my speed workouts this week.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to some speedwork

Today I started up the speedwork sessions again. After a good long run this weekend and a comfortable easy run yesterday I decided to throw in some of these "strength" intervals today

I did 2 x 1.5 miles with 1/2 mile rest, running them at around a 7:15 pace. I then did a 2 mile interval at the same pace for the third one, then jogged home.

It felt fine, and my ankle (other than the fact that I twisted it on Saturday) has been feeling pretty good.

Rest day tomorrow and then a 9 mile marathon pace run.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A little long

Well, since the Hanson Brothers plan calls for no runs longer than 16, I guess I blew that today. I ran the course again, this time with a friend who is also doing it, and I mis-judged how far the start line was from the finish line. I ended up closer to 16.75 miles.

Oh well.

Still, it was a good run and nice to have someone to run with. I twisted my ankle at mile 8, but walked a minute then ran slow the next mile and eased back into it and didnt have any other troubles with it - though it is a bit stiff now.

Easy 6 miles tomorrow to bring me pretty close to 60 miles for the week so that is nice (though my friend is going to hit close to 80 this week - having done 11 milers most of the week before the long run today - Wow!!)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Weird route

So today I ran kind of a strange route. We went to the Patriots game last nigth and decided to stay over at a hotel in Milford, MA.

I got up and headed out the door for my run - luckily with my Garmin on. Well, after only a mile and a half, I came to the end of the sidewalk and intersected with two main roads with no sidewalk and no shoulder to run on. So I turned around to head back, trying to decide what do and thinking that my only option was to just run back and forth on this road 3 times to try to hit my 8 miles for today.

As I started up the hill on the way back I passed by an office building that had a pretty big parking lot - Fisher Scientific I think it was, so I scooted in there and ran the perimeter of their parking lot all the way around the building.

Checking my Garmin that had added about a third of a mile to my run. So I did that the rest of the way back to the hotel, doing loops around a car dealership, Target, Best Buy, Staples, Lowes and Sports Authority - each one adding .3-.7 miles to my run. As I came into the parking lot for the hotel, a few zig-zags in the parking lot and I had reached 7 miles.

Close enough to 8 for what I had to work with, and given that I was in Milford, MA - it was already 8:15 - the family was still asleep - and I still had to go to work, I decided to call it quits there.

Turns out we went swimming in the pool for an hour before I left and I didnt get to the office until 12:30 anyway.

Tomorrow is a 16 miler on the marathon course with a friend who is also running Baystate this year. He needs a 3:15 for his qualifying time, and based on his log I think he will have no problems. He is quite a bit faster than I am, and usually does that while pushing his son in a stroller.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pats tonight!

Have tickets to the Patriots game tonight - taking the whole family and then going to stay over down there somewhere instead of driving home at midnight. The kids have never been to a game, so we'll see how this goes.

So I got my run in this morning since we have to leave early to get to the game and I have a big meeting this afternoon. Now I just realized that I didnt bring a change of clothes for the game - I am probably going to have to take an early lunch and go home and get a change of clothes and some running clothes for tomorrow. Bad planning on my part.

Easy run this morning - 7 miles, double loop around Horn pond in Woburn. But it was really nice out - not too hot, sunny.

8 miles tomorrow and then my first 16 miler on Saturday (hopefully up in Lowell on the marathon course)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Got soaked anyway.

Woke up this morning, tired but ready to go out for my marathon pace run (last one at 8 miles then I move up to 9 miles next week). It was pouring out and windy - almost monsoon-like.

So... I opted for the treadmill, which I havent used in a while. I just didnt feel like getting soaked while running my race, and didnt want to take the chance that my ipod would get wet.

The run started off fine - warmed up for a mile then set the treadmill to 7.8mph for a 7:41 pace. About two miles in, it started - the sweat. Holy crap, I didnt realize how warm and muggy it was in the gym, but after only two miles sweat was dripping down my forehead. By 7 miles in, my shirt and shorts looked like I had just stepped out of the shower. By the time I was done, the treadmill was soaked, my clothes weighed a ton and I think I lost about 3 pounds.

Mentally, today was tough - I dont like running on treadmills and even though I had my music it was just boring. By the end I was ready for it to be done.

A couple easy days and then my first 16 miler on Saturday.

On a side note, ankle felt pretty good today.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ankle is still sketchy

I made a mistake and didnt take my rest day today. Yesterday I was supposed to do 10 miles, but my wife didnt get home until late so I cut it short and only did about 5. Today I was supposed to do 1-2 miles, but instead decided to make up yesterdays miles and did closer to 6.

I realize now that my body (especially my ankle I think) likes that rest day. My ankle is all achy now. I just iced it up and will take some ibuprofen today to keep the swelling down, and hopefully it will be fine for tomorrow's marathon pace run. This week is also my first 16 miler - planning on heading up to the course again for it if I can.

Debating whether taking off a full week would be better for my ankle, but the runner in me is way to worried about losing the mileage and some fitness during a week off. If I am going to do it, I should do it soon though so I still have plenty of time to get more miles in before the marathon.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Great long run

Headed up to the marathon course today - didnt get lost and ran the 10 mile loop (in the right direction this time). It felt great - averaged just under a 9:00mpm pace and felt strong the entire time. So strong in fact that I threw in 2 extra miles at the end.

Afterwards I stopped at a CVS and got some ice packs to ice my ankles on the way home - just preventative cause I didnt have any pain during the run itself.

8 miles tomorrow nice and easy to round off the week.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Easy but somewhat painful days

So I made a point yesterday to ice my ankle several times, and took ibuprofen every 4-5 hours. Last night I slept with my boot thingee that I had bought for my plantar fascitis earlier this year. Though I woke up this morning and I had apparently taken it off some time during the night.

Ankle felt okay this morning, but I was determined not to try to push it too far. I started off on a 4 mile loop. At 1.75 miles, I felt a twinge of pain in the ankle so I turned around, slowed down and headed back (note that when I say slow down I mean now I am running 10:00mpm pace which is really slow for me). I ran back about a mile and it was feeling better so I decided to just kind of run up the road a half mile or so and turn around. I did this a few times, always staying relatively close to the turn to head back to the gym.

I ended up getting 8 miles in, and my pace had pushed up to around 9:00mpm by the time I was done. But more importantly I didnt have any more twinges of pain. I probably could have finished off the 10 miles I had on the plan for today, but decided not to - with my luck it woudl be that last 2 miles that did me in.

10 miler planned for tomorrow morning - may try to head up to Lowell to run the 10 mile loop on the marathon course (though that is a bit dangerous with my sketchy ankle because if it hurts halfway around, I am 5 miles from my car). More ice and ibuprofen today and I'll probably wear the boot again to bed to isolate the ankle and reduce movement and strain while I sleep.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Starting to worry...

...about my right ankle - or more to the point I think it is the tendon on top of my foot that connects my ankle to my leg.

Today is very reminiscent of a few weeks ago when I had a great 14 mile run and then the next day my ankle was screwed up. Yesterday I had a great 8 mile marathon pace run, and today my ankle feels screwed up again.

I am sitting here at my desk with an ice pack shoved down my sock. It also didnt help that I didnt sleep much last night, and it probably didnt help that my wife and I were working our butts off the last few days moving furniture, painting and cleaning to move our kids rooms around. Either way, something is wrong - so I only ran a mile today, and am on a regimen of ice and ibuprofen to reduce any swelling (though I dont really see any)

We'll see how it feels tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pace run

Good pace run today, but I am finding that the 7:40 pace I need to hold is not one of my gears. I can run a 7:50 pace and hold it, or I can kick it up a notch and run a 7:33ish pace, but I just cant seem to kick it up a half a notch to hit the 7:40 pace evenly.

This can easily be seen by my splits today. I averaged a 7:41 pace today but my miles are staggered (and even within them is staggered). I ran some closer to 7:30 and some closer to 7:48. There were some that came in around 7:40 but that was because I was keeping a closer eye on my watch and when I got halfway through and saw that I was at 7:50 I kicked it up for the second half so that mile would average 7:40ish, which means the second half was at 7:30.

This means I may be counting on the pace group more than I had hoped I would need to, but that is waht they are there for - to help me even out my pace so I am not so sporadic in my pace during the marathon.

Medium-long easy days coming up with a long run of only 10 this weekend, though I may do 12 if I am feeling it on Saturday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Easy run today

Just did a quick 2 miler this morning. I actually ran a little faster than I should have, but I was trying to see what my pace that I used to run easy at would feel like now. I averaged 8:10s and it felt okay, a little harder than I think it should have but I think my body is getting used to running the slower paces. No big deal, unless my body doesnt respond to a faster pace on race day.

After that I went back to the gym and did 2 circuits of the Spartacus workout. It felt really good to do some sort of weight workout again. I really need to try to be consistent on doing this workout.

Marathon pace run tomorrow - 8 miles. I havent decided if I am just going to do the same route as last time or try to mix it up a bit and try a different route. I guess we'll find out in the morning - hopefully it wont be as humid as it is today.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Good running weekend

Did a long run Saturday up in New Hampshire - just under 15 miles. It was nice because I actually had company for the first 10 miles, which I never have. It was kind of slow and easy but felt pretty good.

Sunday I did a little under 6 miles - it was hilly up there no matter which direction I ran. Tried to take it easy to rest up for the week. Later in the day we went canoeing. We got about a quarter mile or so down the river and my wife tells me to jump out and swim back because my daughter wants a kayak. So I do. I am still wiped out today from that - canoeing, swimming, then cranking it up in the kayak trying to catch back up to them, and then canoeing for a few more hours after that. I was just tired this morning and work was going to suck so I cut my run short to get into the office.

Just a mile or so tomorrow, then a marathon pace run on Wednesday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I probably mentioned that last week I took the RRCA "Running Coach Certification" class. Well, the exam is 100 questions - multiple choice. It is open book and they encourage contacting and working with other students to make sure you pass.

So I kept in contact with a woman from my class and when I finished the test (printed out, not online), we compared answers. She had some good ideas on some and we both changed a few answers based on the other person's thoughts.

And it all worked out great - I submitted my test at lunch today and passed - 98%. Though now I really would like to know which two I got wrong. Now to become completely certified I need to take a First Aid/CPR course - they have one in Boston every Sunday, I just need to find time to get there (camping this weekend and next, so maybe the last weekend in August unless we have paid for the new timeshare and then my wife might want to go away).

Anyway - Yay Me!!!!

Easy days

Ran an easy 7 miler. And when I say easy, I mean Eaassyyy. I took it out as slow as I could possibly stand today and held that through the entire run, even when I hit some downhills I tried not to speed up.

I thought yesterday's marathon pace run went great. However, my legs felt tired and my ankles felt a bit achy last night as I lay there watching t.v. So I decided that today would be a super slow, super easy day. It was actually kind of nice to not worry about pace.

Another easy day tomorrrow - how slow and easy depends how I feel. But I do have a 15 miler on Saturday so I want to make sure I am relatively fresh for that.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pace run

Had a pretty good marathon pace run this morning. I was a bit worried because it was pretty hot and gross all night and I had trouble falling asleep. But when I woke up in the morning, the humidity was down and so was the temp a bit. So I didnt have to do the run on the treadmill.

Did an out and back course with 8 miles at marathon pace. My legs were a little stiff towards the end of the run, but all in all not too bad. I was definitely dehydrated and really need to start trying to drink during these pace runs.

A couple easy days and then a 15 mile long run while we are camping up at Jellystone this weekend.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Yeah, that just about sums up todays run. I was stupid - it was too hot to even attempt speedwork but I did it anyway. I got through about 3 of the intervals and then stopped them and finished off the 7 miles at an easy pace. In retrospect, I probably should have even cut the run short it was so hot and humid because I really struggled with the heat through those last few miles where there is no shade.

Oh well - live and learn. Tomorrow is a rest day - 1 to 2 miles easy. We'll see about Wednesday. Someone at my office just told me the heat and humidity is supposed to last through most of the week so I might be doing my marathon pace run on a treadmill.

Life gets in the way

Sometimes life just gets in the way. Injuries aside, sometimes you just cant get that run in, or it is more beneficial to not do the run.

Yesterday was one of those days.

This was a busy weekend for me. I was taking the "Running Coach Certification" class held by the RRCA, which was two full days (8am-5pm) on Saturday and Sunday. I also had my monthly poker game on Saturday night.

So Saturday I got my 10 miler in early so I could get to class by 7:45. Then had class and had to rush home to finish setting up for poker. I did kick everyone out early (early being 12:15am) but was just too tired to get up for my 8 miler on Sunday morning.

My alarm went off at 4:30 and I did roll out of bed, but I was just so tired (only about 3.5 hours of sleep) that it honestly just seemed like a better idea physically to get some more rest. So I went back to sleep and got up at 6:30 - did one mile and then showered and went to class for day 2.

So while my mileage really dropped this week (33 miles) I think I made the right decision. I was still tired this morning and didnt try to get up early to run because I would have had to be back by 6:00 so Bonnie could get to work. I just planned on doing the run at lunch, and I feel pretty good right now.

So we'll see how this week goes.

The class, by the way, was great - though many of the concepts they teach go pretty far against how I am training right now using the Hanson training method. But I still plan to stick with it and see how it goes.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tired Day

I officially declare today "Tired Day".

I woke up this morning exhausted, but still got up for my run. I lazily struggled through 10.5 miles at a nice recovery 9:15 average pace - ran about half of that with the Highlanders which was nice.

Slept through some stretching at the gym and now am nodding off sitting at my desk. Maybe I should just call it a day and head home for a nap.

10 mile long run tomorrow (which subsequently would be shorter than todays Easy run)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rest is Good

and so is a nice new pair of running shoes.

Not sure which one helped my ankle more but I did 8 miles this morning (Hill repeats with the Highlanders) and the ankle felt fine. I got a twinge of pain in the other ankle just as I turned into the parking lot at the gym at the end of the run, so I just stopped and walked and dont think it will amount to anything.

Last three days of rest felt good for the legs and joints. But mentally, it is killing me that I missed two hard workouts and am down about 10 miles for the week. I really need to relax and move on.

Currently I am worrying about my runs this weekend. I have my "Running Coach Certification" class this weekend and it starts at 8:00 in Auburndale, MA (wherever that is) but I need to do a 10 miler on Sat. and 8 on Sunday. I am going to have to get up pretty damn early Saturday to get 10 miles in, shower and get to Auburndale.

10 miler tomorrow - probably head over and run with the HIghlanders again if I can for some of it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Somedays the running is great and other days...

So Saturday I had a great run, a really great run - maybe even an awesome run. It was 14 miles on the marathon course and everything felt good - my hamstring, my toe, my legs, my mind was fresh for the entire run.

Then Sunday I went out and about 3 miles into a 5 miler, my ankle starts hurting. Okay, my wife says it's not my ankle, it is that area on the top of your foot where the foot meets the shin, but I call it the ankle.

So yesterday, I decided to swap my days and do my rest day and did just over a mile - hurt towards the end and my foot I noticed was really swollen when I got home. So I iced it.

Today, I opted to do another mile day to rest it. It was a bit stiff but no pain durnig the mile, but now it is worrying me because I can still feel the stiffness and I'm not sure when I can get back to serious running. I will probably do another rest day tomorrow and then try to get back into regular mileage on Thursday.

This will kill my mileage for this week, but better that than letting it fester and turn into something more serious.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Running in Lowell

Headed out to Lowell this morning to run some of the marathon course. Things did not go quite as planned. When I got there I found the bridge at the 3 mile mark pretty easy, but missed my turn later and got a bit lost/turned around. I eventually found the bridge again and just decided to run the course backwards 7 miles and then turn around.

The run itself was great. The road is pretty open so the cars gave me plenty of space and there were a few nice things to look at - golf couse, horses, and the river in spots. As I rounded the "bouncing bridge" the scenery got worse, just some houses, car repair and parts shops (there seemed to be quite a few of them).

As I turned around for the return trip, it was actually even better. For the first half there was another runner a few hundred yards ahead of me to pace off of. I passed him before I hit the bridge again. As I got over the bridge there were two girls running, again a couple hundred yards up, to pace off as well. I passed them about halfway down the road.

The fourteen miles felt pretty good - I even upped the pace for the last mile and ran somewhere in the 7s.

6 mile easy run tomorrow.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh my head!

Woke up this morning with a killer headache. I think it is all the stupid benadryl I have been taking the last two days to try to get rid of this armpit rash I have. It's almost gone, but I think I'm done with benadryl. It seems to make me dehydrated seriously, or at least I feel that way. My head is in a complete fog right now.

Easy run today - 3 laps around Horn Pond and then an extra mile at the end barefoot. My right hamstring is still tight. It was actually feeling better last night until I had to climb a ladder to take down some painting tape on the ceiling. Hopefully today helped loosen it up for tomorrow's long run. Still not sure where I am running - either Melrose with Jeanne, the marathon course in Lowell, or I actually just got a call from Reebok to test a pair of shoes but I would have to go to Canton for that and I'm not sure I want to make the drive or whether they can do early tomorrow morning.

14 miler tomorrow morning.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last minute decision

Out for my 7 mile easy run this morning around horn pond in Woburn and I the whole while I kept trying to decide if I wanted to veer off down a trail that adds an extra 4/10 mile to the route.

Last second I decided to do it so I completed about 7.5 miles today, but I have a little twinge of pain in my rich achilles area. I'm going to ice it and take some ibuprofen, but I have to wonder if it was that extra half mile that did me in.

Overall, it didnt feel too bad, but the humidity was ridiculous this morning. A few drops of rain, and I was praying for it to start downpouring just to cool off - never mind the fact that I was wearing my light grey shorts so it pretty much looked like I had pissed myself when I walked back into the gym.

8 miles tomorrow (going to try to meet up with the Highlanders) and then a long run of 14 on Saturday.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Marathon pace run

7 mile marathon pace run today - with a mile warmup and a 2 mile cooldown for a total of just over 10 miles this morning.

The marathon pace run went pretty well. It took me a mile or two to settle into a groove, and my time slipped a bit on mile two to about 7:48 but the rest were right in there between 7:35 and 7:40 or so.

As for my garmin, I have now come to realize why some people have said that they do NOT use the "current pace" function. It is way too variable. During my marathon pace run, there were times it told me I was running 8:15 pace, and while my pace may have dropped off a bit for a minute or so, I know that it didnt drop off that much.

Legs were still tired today and I am starting to wonder if there is some other reason they are tired. I have a doctors appointment this afternoon so I might mention it. I am starting to wonder a bit about whether I have a 3:20 in me because while I did fine on the 7 mile marathon pace run this morning, I dont think I could have done 19 more miles. But it could just be because of all the hills from last week, who knows? I guess we'll see how the long run goes on Saturday. I am going to try (stress try, because it probably wont happen) to go up and run the 14 miler on the marathon course if I can.

7 miles easy tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Barefoot again

Easy day - 1.1 mile easy run, followed by a 1 mile barefoot run. Actually got my first ever cut on the bottom of my foot running barefoot today. As I was on the return loop, I felt a sharp pain on my left arch. After a few steps it didnt go away so I stopped briefly and reached down and something sharp was sticking out of my foot. I scraped it away but when I got back to the car, my foot was bleeding. Nothing serious though and the barefoot run felt pretty good - weird, but good. I just havent run barefoot in over a week so it felt kind of strange.

I plan to stick to the 1 mile distance barefoot for 2 more runs then I'll increase it - maybe to 1.25 miles.


Had a 3x1 mile speedword session scheduled for today. Unfortunately I had to run at lunch so I couldnt get to a track for it. But I do have my new GPS (Garmin 310xt) so I decided to use that to gauge my speedwork and run it on the road.

It worked pretty well, except for the two times that I hit the stop button instead of the lap button. But I got my three mile repeats in at a 6:18, 6:25 and 6:35 pace. I know, I was slowing down for the last two, but I am still feeling all those mountain runs from last week in my quads. On the upside, my hamstring feels a little better.

Back to civilization

My mother is in the hospital so Saturday we drove back home and went straight down to the Cape to see her - almost 7 hours in the car.

But got a nice run in on Sunday morning along the beach and the bike path in Falmouth. Nice and easy - hoping to get my speedwork session in on Monday.

Tempo Run - Kind of

Today was supposed to be a tempo run at marathon pace - 7 miles. Again, lack of any really flat roads, I started today off with a 2+ mile run straight up the hill on route 108. As I ran back I went the other way past Smuggs and did about 3 miles at tempo pace to finish up. I was happy I was able to hold marathon pace after the 2 mile climb.

Tough run today. I tried to run to the top of the mountain. I didnt make it. I got about half way up and the hill just seemed to get steeper and steeper - must have been coming up on some double black diamond trails. So I turned around and ran back down - man my legs were getting tired by Thursday.

Opted to hit the roads today. Took a right out of the resort onto 108 and it wasnt too bad. It had some rolling hills but nothing unmanageable or too steep. Of course, got about 3 miles out and had to go to the bathroom so I turned around.

Last day at Smuggs so I wanted to hit the trails again. Did a similar loop to Monday but not as long - really nice trail runs there, but again some hiking as the hills were steep and long at some points as you rounded your way up the mountain.

Running the Notch

Sorry for the long time with no posts but I was on vacation in Smugglers Notch, VT last week and had no internet access (kind of nice actually). I am going to throw in a series of posts today on how the training went last week.

Long run went fine - no issues. Hamstring still a bit tight but not too bad

First run at Smuggs - trail run up to find a pond with a floating trampoline for the kids (though we never actually got up there with them during the week)

Trail run around and up the mountain. Up at Smuggs (as they call it) they have "walks", "hikes" and "wikes" which are kind of an in-between difficulty level. Todays run was a "rike" because some of the hills were so steep and long I had to stop running and hike up them.

Easy day - just a couple miles on the roads in the resort.

As you can see, I skipped the speedwork. Given that I had no access to a treadmill (unless I wanted to pay to use it), or a track, or even flat roads of any kind, I opted to skip the speedwork and did a hilly trail run on Monday instead. Because hills are speedwork in disguise, at least that's what I've heard.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Loosening up

My hamstring(s) have been really tight lately and I havent really figured out why. Yesterday's run was just brutal. They hurt for almost the full 7 miles. After the run I stretched for about 15 minutes and then I iced them up last night.

Today they weren't as bad. But I can't figure out if it is because I stretched, because I iced them last night, or the third reason - I have taken a few days off from barefoot running.

For now I am going to go with it being that I have stretched and iced them up, but still wonder whether it is the barefoot running that caused the tightness in the first place. I dont want to stop running barefoot and have been happy with my progress over the past three weeks, but even more so I dont want to hinder my marathon training. I will stop barefoot running if I think it is getting in my way of running a solid marathon in the Fall.

So I'll give the barefoot running one more week. I plan to take the weekend off anyway to rest up some foot pain I had a few days ago. On monday I will ease back to about a mile barefoot again. But this time I will continue to ice and stretch my quads and calves every day. If all goes well, the aches and pains will go away and I'll be on track again.

Long run of 12 miles tomorrow - going to call Jeanne to see if she wants to struggle through it with me. This will be the longest run so far in my Hanson Training Plan.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weather sucks

Okay, I dreadmilled it again today. I was exhausted when I woke up this morning at 5:00 and went back to bed again till 5:30. Got up, still tired but this morning was my only time to get my run in today.

I start the drive to the gym, ready to do the same marathon pace route I did last week and the week before. About halfway to they gym, the sky opens up, the lightning and thunder start crashing and the humidity seems to jump 10 points during the drive.

I opted to just hit the treadmill instead of braving the storm. Though by the end of the run I was wishing I had just gone outside. Eight miles on the treadmill was torture. I watched an episode (or most of) of Mythbusters on my ipod - pretty good episode testing whether a styrofoam cup thrown from a moving car could go through a windshield and kill another driver. It couldnt, but you really wouldnt believe the damage the thing did do.

Anyway, the run felt like crap and I almost just stopped a few times, but sucked it up for just over an hour to finish up the run. Next week the marathon pace run moves up to 7 miles.

Easy runs for a few days and then my first 12 miler on Saturday for my long run.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Resting up

Today was my rest day so of course I got up early. I've been having some serious trouble sleeping lately - which makes me tired, but at least I am usually up to get in my morning runs.

So just a bit over a mile today adn I am happy to say that my barefoot running is now over a mile so all my Tuesday runs from now on should be completely barefoot. I did 1.3 miles today - actually a little farther than I had planned. The bottoms of my feet tingle, but I think that is what it is supposed to feel like as you condition them for longer running.

6 mile marathon pace run tomorrow. I never did get a chance to pick up a Garmin. I went to REI last week, but they didnt have the Forerunner 110 that I wanted to try, and I wasnt ready to splurge for the new 310xt. I have to do a search to find a place nearby that carries the 110. For tomorrow I'll just pick up the pace for the 6 miles.

I'm not planning on using the dreadmill for it, but it would be a good way to set my pace. I'd rather run outside.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Seems like I haven't run on a treadmill in months. I am sure if I checked it is not quite that long, but I opted to use the treadmill today for my intervals.

I had to run at lunch and since I cant get to a track during a lunch-time run, I used the treadmill to get accurate miles. It also helped me hold the 6:22 pace I was supposed to do. I did 3 x 1 mile at 6:22 with a 3:00 rest in between.

Hopefully I wont have to use it too many times during my training as I really feel that you get a better workout and feel for pace on the road.

Rest day tomorrow - about a mile and a half barefoot, then another 6 mile marathon pace run on Wednesday.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sad Day

Today is a sad day so no running post.

A week ago a friend of mine's wife, Dina, was tragically killed in a bicycle accident on Martha's Vineyard while vacationing with the family. Their daughter Ella was on my son's baseball team this Spring, and I was co-coach with her father John.

Words can not describe how I feel every time I think of their two adorable, sweet daughters and what they must be going through right now.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all of them today as I head out to the wake.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Short Long run

Well, at 8 miles long I thinK I actually ran longer yesterday.

My mother is in the hospital (heart attack - she'll be okay we think) so I headed down to Cape Cod this morning early. I left around 5:00 and got there about 6:30. I couldnt visit her yet so I decided to get my 8 miler in running the Falmouth Road Race route. It really is a favorite of mine in the summer when I visit my parents because it runs by the beach and the harbor.

It was hot again - no surprises there but it felt much better than my run yesterday.

Biggest issue today was that when I got to my turn-around point I really had to pee. No bathroom there. I did run by a bunch of small beach shacks - each with their own porta-potty. But figuring that these were actually the bathrooms for these houses, I decided to try to make it back to the Surf Drive Bath House. I made it but it was still locked up - too early in the morning I guess. So I sucked it up and ran the last 3 miles back to my parents and nearly burst as I ran into the house.

TIP OF THE DAY: If you have to pee on a run, do it as soon as you feel it coming on. It will save you a ton of discomfort and could save you some even worse stomach cramps later in the run.

Easy 6 miler tomorrow before my next track workout on Monday. Monday looks tough - 3 x 1600 on 6:20-6:30.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I am the Man of "Lead"???

Holy crap, my legs just felt like dead stumps of wood this morning. We were out pretty late last night at a baseball game - didnt get home till 10:30, and probably didnt get to bed till midnight. That is like the 4th night in a row that I got to bed late and still rolled out of bed at 5:00ish to run. So I give myself props for getting out of bed, but I really think I need a good nights sleep.

Started off my 8 miler and it was just slow and painful. About 2 miles in, the left earpiece on my headphones gave out and started giving me static and jumping in and out of the song. So i tore the wire in half and just used the right earpiece. I have another set at home that I'll find tonight.

Around mile 6, I dropped the shoes for a mile and ran barefoot. It felt okay but I had only wanted to do about 3/4 mile and did a mile and was feeling it in my feet and big toe at the end. On the upside, the last mile and a half when I put my shoes back on felt a little better.

Maybe I'm just tired, maybe it is all this humidity and heat we have had lately but my legs just didnt have it today. Here's hoping for a better 8 miler tomorrow.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

And... recover

Today was an easy/recovery run. I took it really easy after yesterday's hot tempo run, keeping the pace around 9:00mpm. It felt pretty good and the weather was nicer than yesterday - still a bit warm, but the humidity was down which made it much more comfortable.

Starting to think about my running on my vacation and wondering how I am going to get a long run in when I am up in Vermont with the family in a few weeks. It might be tough to tell the wife I am leaving for two hours on the last day at Smugglers Notch.

Easy 8 miler tomorrow, which seems weird because my "long" run the day after is also 8 miles.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Feeling hot, hot, hot

But still running.

I did my 6 mile (well, 6.5 mile actually - stupid Nike+) marathon pace run again this morning. I ran teh same course as last time.

First 2.75 miles I was right on 7:30 pace (too fast), next 2.75 miles I was at 7:34 and the last mile I was back at 7:30. I figure this was decent considering it was already 74 degrees and the humidity was rising with every step.

I ran a total of 8 miles (then .6 miles barefoot after) and the NIke+ showed me at about 7.5 again. Time to invest in a Garmin.

A couple easy days until my long run on Saturday.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Meeeelllllttttiiinnnnggg!!!

Seriously though - it was pretty hot out today. 97 degrees and humid according to Luckily it was a rest do so I just went out and did my token one miler at lunch.

What worries me is tomorrow because today it was 87 degrees at 8:00 am. I am supposed to do another 6 mile marathon pace run tomorrow and am a bit worried about the heat in the morning.

I am going to reset the Nike+ to the factory settings, given how far off it was last time. Maybe that will help. I will probably use the same route I took last time for lack of a better route.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Racing with the sprinklers

Holiday today!! (Well, day off from work at least)

Got up early anyway and ran down to the Melrose High School track - which honestly is in pretty crappy shape and floods if someone spits on it. But since we are at the beginning of a heat wave here in New England, it was dry at least.

6:40 in the morning and it was already pretty hot out. There is one quarter of the track that had some shade when it passed near the High School and lo and behold, the sprinklers were on. After the first few laps I found that if I was on the right pace, I would come around that bend each time just as the sprinklers were hitting the track and could get a nice shower every lap. I was off on a couple laps and missed and really felt the heat when I did.

Pace was slightly slower than the Hanson plan describes (4:42) for the 4 x 1,200 workout that I had planned for today.

0.75 0:04:41
0.25 0:02:20
0.75 0:04:48
0.25 0:02:20
0.75 0:04:49
0.25 0:02:20
0.75 0:04:44

But overall I was pleased with the workout and the hamstrings were tight for the run home but they held up for the workout.

Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow - may try to recalibrate the Nike+. If it craps out on me again for Wednesday's marathon pace run then I am going to take my birthday money and test out a Garmin Forerunner (either the 305 or the new 110).

Sunday, July 4, 2010

On Fire!

Nope, not my running - more like my skin. Last two days at the pool and woke up with a slight sunburn today. Now, usually a "slight" sunburn wouldnt worry me too much, but we are heading to the beach for the whole day today so I am just cringing at what it is going to be like after 5 hours in the sun today.

Run today was rough - took it easy and was actually trying to avoid even the early morning sun. Did 5.7 and may throw in some barefoot running at the beach later today for a half mile or so.

Tomorrow morning I'll make my determination as to whether I am going to do speedwork or not. The plan calls for 4 x 1200 on 4:45ish. It's only four repeats so I dont think it should be too bad, but we'll see how everythign is feeling tomorrow.

Now, off to pack and go to the beach - slathered up with sunscreen SPF 50 today.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Long Running

Long run today - 10.5 miles. I found a friend (Peter) to run with this morning. He only wanted to do 8, so I ran the 2.5 miles to his house and then we ran 8 together.

After that I remembered two things. First, today is my day to do some more barefoot running, so I did another half mile barefoot when I got home. Second, last night I was supposed to do pushups for the 100 Pushup Challenge that I started last week. But I am cutting myself some slack - it was my birthday and I had just eaten 3 pieces of cake, so I probably wouldnt have finished the workout anyway.

6 easy miles tomorrow before we hit the beach for the 4th. After that I'll make a determination as to whether my hamstring (which is still tight) can handle some speedwork on monday.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, I turned 39 today - not feeling too old this morning at least.

Easy 6 miler this morning. Hamstring was a bit tight. Not painful, just tight - felt like I needed to stretch it out more (which I know I do). I'll ice it a few times today and get in a good stretching session tonight before bed.

10 mile long run tomorrow. Was hoping to run with my friend Jeanne, but she is going away for the weekend so I guess I'm on my own. Maybe I'll download an audio book to listen to while I run.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

When did I get so old?

And I'm not even talking about the fact that tomorrow I turn 39. I'm talking about the fact that after an hour of playing kickball at my nephews birthday party last night I have all kinds of aches and pains that I didnt have yesterday. My right knee feels weird. There is a weird muscle in my left hip that is tender to the touch and the ribs on my right side hurt. I don't even remember getting knocked around that much.

Run went fine this morning - 7 miles with the last half mile barefoot. 6 easy miles tomorrow and then a 10 mile long run on Saturday. I am thinking about taking tomorrow off and taking the kids to see "The Last Airbender" though I am worried that it will be super-packed there so maybe we should wait a few days. We'll see - need to do something fun for my birthday.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Marathon Pace Run #1

I woke up this morning feeling pretty much like crap. I had a sore throat and a cough, my chest was all congested and I was tired from being up all night with coughing fits. But... my legs, feet and ankles felt great so I decided to suck it up and go out for my run anyway.

The Good
My run felt great. I started off with a mile warmup and then kicked it up to a tempo pace, or what I thought was my 7:40 marathon pace. I had my Nike+ on, which I had calibrated yesterday to help me hold a relatively steady pace. I had mentally calculated a route to what I thought was going to be 6 miles long as I ran my warmup, and I was pretty close, coming in at 6.33 (longer is always better, I say) and other than my hamstring getting tight at the end, it felt pretty decent. And the hamstring was tight, not painful - no sharp pains like I was having last week.

The Bad
My Nike+ sucked - the calibration was completely off. It basically told me that I only ran 7.5 miles when I ran closer to 8. It told me my pace was around an 8:07 average, when it was more like 7:45. And for my marathon pace piece, it kept telling me I was running an 8:00-8:05 when I was really closer to 7:32. Luckily for myself, I decided to do a couple time checks and hit the lap button on my watch as well as using the Nike+ just to make sure. So I had two sections of 2.7 miles each at 7:31 pace, and the final section of about .9 miles at 7:15 pace (most of this was downhill though).

The Ugly
I still feel like crap right now but need to stay at work because I have a big meeting all day on a project that I am the lead on. Ugh.

Easy runs for the next two days and then a 10 mile long run on Saturday. I am debating whether to drive up to the marathon course to run the 10 miler there or not.

All in all, I was really happy with today's run (Nike+ aside - I may have to splurge for a Garmin. My birthday is Friday so maybe I'll make it my present to myself =)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calibration Day

I headed over to the track this morning with the Highlanders. They were doing speed work, but today was my rest day so I just jogged a few miles this morning and chatted with them on their rest intervals.

My main goal this morning was to calibrate my Nike+ sensor. I have used the Nike+ a bunch in the past and bought a new one a few weeks ago but never calibrated it. I have found that it is never 100% accurate, but it is at least consistent. So when I go out tomorrow (or Thursday - haven't completely decided yet) for my marathon pace run, it will at the very least allow me to run consistent pace throughout the run.

I do plan to use it for pace, so it needed to be calibrated on the track to improve the accuracy. My goal marathon pace is 7:40 mpm, which will get me my 3:20 marathon time for my Boston qualifier. So I plan to run these marathon pace runs in the range of 7:30-7:40. I figure that with the margin of error that the Nike+ has, this should keep me close enough to my marathon pace for the run.

Calibration only took a couple laps, so the rest of the time was just easy jogging today. Hip still hurt a little but was fine by the time I got back to the gym.

Tomorrow - either 6 mile marathon pace run (with 1 mile warmup and cool down) or a 7 mile easy run.

Monday, June 28, 2010

That's the ticket...

Okay, now that was much better.

Basically this whole morning sucked - from how tired I was when I got up, to my tight hamstring running, to the guy the cut me off on the way to the gym, to work.

But lunch was much better. I got in about 5.4 miles at lunch, which is my regular Horn Pond loop with a small dirt road section added on. The hamstring felt great. The toe felt fine. My right hip was a little tight but nothing bad there.

But man was it hot. It was about 91 degrees and a bit muggy, but the run was good so I didnt even care that it took me 20 minutes of walking around the gym and a really cold shower to cool me off enough to go back to the office.

Rest day tomorrow (1-2 miles easy) and then my first Tempo/Marathon Pace run on Wednesday or Thursday.

Oh Crappy Day!!!

Okay so this morning pretty much sucked. I was exhausted when I got up and didnt really feel like running when I left the house at 5:30. And so I really didnt. I got out the gym door at 6:00 and did a half mile and then turned around and came back.

It was muggy and sticky and hot and gross out so I bailed on the rest of my run. I do plan on heading back at lunch time for another 4 miles or so. The hamstring was tight but not too bad.

I also had some moron that tried to pass me in a no pass zone by the Stone zoo. I sped up to try to stop him but had to let him go because a car was comign from the other direction and I wasn't sure exactly how PSYCHO he was.

Anyway, let's see what happens at lunch time.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Got up this morning and iced my hamstring, but also noticed that it was feeling a lot better than yesterday. The icing really seems to be helping it.

Headed over to Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA for the barefoot running clinic. I decided to get there a few minutes early so I could get my mile in before it started and I finished that up just in time to see the instructor show up and step out of his car (knew it was him obviously because he was barefoot). My hamstring felt a little tight on the run, but nothing like the pain I had yesterday. In fact, I think I easily could have done a 5 miler with no problems and little discomfort, but I opted to stick with the mile and let it heal up more and will start up the plan again tomorrow (no trackwork this week htough, but I will be going for the marathon pace run mid-week).

The clinic was great. I met some really nice people and learned a few good drills and information that I think will help me ease back into barefoot running. And as anxious as I am to get back into it, I do plan on taking it slow this time to avoid the TMTS (Too Much Too Soon) injuries I got last time.

Well, I'm off to ice my hamstring again.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bailed Out

Bailed on the long run today after a mile or so. The first quarter mile just killed - right hamstring is messed up. So for the next few days I rest. I'll skip next week's speedwork and hopefully it will be healed up for Tuesday or Wednesday and then the first marathon pace workout on Thursday.

Injuries suck!

Tomorrow I'll take it easy again, but tomorrow I am heading over to Wakefield for a Barefoot Running Clinic at 10:00. So a mile warmup when I get there and then a small amount of barefoot running (information says no more than a quarter mile or so). Who knows? Maybe running barefoot will be easier on the hamstring - but I dont think so.

When its not one thing its another

Toe feels great.

Left hamstring is healed.

So why the hell is it that now my right hamstring feels as tight as a piano wire and hurts with every step when I run?

I'm still going to head out the door for my 8 miler this morning but if it still hurts I might take tomorrow off to see if that will heal it up a bit. I think it might have happened during the speedwork last week, but I'm not sure. It started hurting Wednesday and going to the hill workout on Thursday was probably not the smartest move in the world.

Out the door in about 15 minutes so we'll see how it goes. Only upside I see here is that at least it is early in the marathon training.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recovering with friends

Today was an easy day, and actually more of a recovery type run. I went out to run with the Highlanders for their Wednesday 6 miler and we kept a pretty easy 9-something pace. I opted to run a little warmup before the actual run to make up for the two miles I skipped on Monday.

Tomorrow is the Highlanders Hill workout. I havent done it in a while, but it is a great strength builder - looking forward to it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rest Day

Today was a rest day so I just ran a mile in the morning. I realized after yesterday's run that I was supposed to do 9 miles, not 7. I thought about runnign more today, but my legs were a bit sore from yesterday so I'll have to make up the mileage later in the week.

It's supposed to be pouring for the next two days, so that should make the runs interesting.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The need for speed!

Today was my next speedwork in the Hanson Brothers program. Drove over to Winchester and hit the track again. This time it was 8 x 600 done in 2:22. Most of them were right there within a few seconds, so I was happy with the workout, but man my legs are tired now.

At lunch, I did go lift weights.

Tomorrow is a rest day, so just a mile or two. Here is the rest of the schedule for Week 2:

Tue - 1 mile (Rest)
Wed - 6 miles (Easy)
Thu - 6 miles (Easy - though I may do Hills with the Highlanders)
Fri - 6 miles (Easy)
Sat - 8 miles (Long)
Sun - 6 miles (Easy)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

So my kids love makes me tired. I was up late for poker night last night and didnt get to bed till about 1:00. At 6:15 the two little ones crawled into bed with me to snuggle. I was really tired but it always makes me smile anyway.

So I got up and did my 6 miler on pretty exhausted legs and actually held a faster pace than I wanted to, averaging 8:10s. To thank them for my snuggle I stopped and Dunkin Donuts and picked them up a box of munckins on my way home.

Happy Fathers Day to all! And here's to the end of a good week one of the marathon plan.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Long Run

Today was the first long run on the program. If you could call it that - only 8 miles, I usually do at least one run a week up near that range anyway. But I am trying to stick to the plan.

In a weird way it actually felt good to be on a training plan and doing a planned long run - knowing that they will get longer and I will get fitter as the weeks go on.

Six miles planned for tomorrow to end off the week then off to the Pawsox game in the afternoon for Father's Day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 900 and a solid 5K

Today I had a 5K. I wasn't really adequately trained. I only did one speedwork session in the past like 6 months, and that was this week. It was a race my company - SBLI - sponsored in Boston.

I figured the course would be flat. I have run a 5 miler in that area of Boston before and it was pretty flat. But they decided to loop the course around the Convention Center, going up and down these huge ramps 3-4 times. But I felt pretty good going in. My leg and toe have both been feeling better. I got a good warmup in and hung out with my coworkers for a bit.

At the start there were too many people ahead of me. I had checked prior years results and figured that I would be around the 20:00 mark and should come in around 50th. I tried to place myself appropriately at the start but the people that were in front of me I could tell were not going to stay there for long.

I ran the first mile pretty comfortably and was a bit disappointed when I came in at 6:33 (because that is not sub-20 pace). I usually lose it in the second mile so I concentrated on picking up the pace just a bit and reeling people in. I didnt let anyone pass me and passed a few more people. The last uphill was at the 2 mile mark and it kind of drained me more than it should have.

I pushed on and kept concentrating on that next person in front of me and trying to catch them - not quickly but slowly catching them and passing them. The last half mile I tried but couldnt catch anyone. We were all in the same pace group it seemed. With what I thought was about a minute left in the race I poured it on - oops, too soon. I passed like 4 people but coming up on the last turn I started to fade. I was able to hold them off, but just barely.

Finish time was 20:06 - wanted sub-20 and maybe it would have been on a flatter course, who knows. It was good enough for 24th overall and 7th in my age group. I was happy with it and it was nice that with no speedwork, I can still throw down a 20 minute 5K.

Just wait till the Fall after I have 2-3 months of speedwork under my belt. I am going to crush my PR in September!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feeling fried

Literally feeling like a piece of fried chicken today. You ever go to the beach - you get there and make sure that the kids are all sun-screened up and then forget to apply to yourself. Of course, not exactly figuring that you'd be there for 3 and a half hours either.

Now I am toast. Burnt toast that is trying to drink tons of water because I feel super dehydrated today.

Running was an easy day - got my mile in (for day 899 in my streak btw) and hopefully everything feels good (toe and hamstring) for tomorrow's race.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Switched days

So today I was schedule for just a mile or two easy, but opted to do tomorrow's six miler instead. This will give me a rest day tomorrow, so hopefully my legs will be fresher for my 5K on Thursday.

With any luck the speedwork yesterday will be a reminder to my legs on how to run fast again. It has been so long since I ran speedwork that I'm not really sure how I'll do on Thursday.

Today's run actually hurt a little. I was tired and my hamstring was acting up again for the last mile and a half or so. I muddled through and I'll let it rest tomorrow.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 1 - It begins

Okay, today was day one. I rolled my lazy butt out of bed at about 5:15am this morning so I could get out there and do my run. Drove over to Winchester center and ran into Brenda from the Highlanders. She was the only Highlander that showed up for their normal Monday run. I felt a little bad that I wasnt going to be running with her but I needed to head to the track. I invited her along but she declined and decided to do the Monday run by herself since she will be doing track work with the Highlanders tomorrow, but maybe she would stop by the track after.

So I ran over to Winchester High School and hit the track. As per my usual track routine I ran one easy lap before getting started to clear off any crap on the inside lane (which today included a barrel, three water bottles and a lacrosse goal).

And I was off. I took the first 400 out a bit too fast coming in at 1:22 which I knew might hurt me later, but on the up-side it was nice to know I could do a 400 in 1:22 since it has been a really long time since I have done any track work. The rest were pretty much on the 1:30 pace I was looking for, and I even found as I neared teh end of each that I could call my team pretty accurately and knew when I was going to be a second faster or slower than the 1:30 pace. I ran each 400 with a 200 recovery jog inbetween. Here are my splits.

1 0:01:22
2 0:01:31
3 0:01:30
4 0:01:31
5 0:01:30
6 0:01:32
7 0:01:32
8 0:01:30
9 0:01:31
10 0:01:29
11 0:01:29
12 0:01:29

Also, I was happy that I was actually able to do all 12. I thought about cutting it short at 10 but got through the last two.

Update to this week's schedule - I forgot about the 5K that my company is sponsoring on Thursday so my plan now is to do switch the Tuesday and Wednesday workouts so my legs are fresher for the race.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It all starts tomorrow

Tomorrow I start the Hanson Brothers' Marathon Training plan.

Here is my general plan.

I have modified their plan a little, but only by shifting it one day forward. I am going to do my speedwork days on Mondays, My marathon pace runs on Wednesdays and the long runs on Saturdays. But then again, life gets in the way a lot so my days may switch.

The main goal is to have 3 good running days in right before each long run. This goes along with their plan because the whole point of only doing a long run of 16 miles is that you have 3 days of fatigue in your legs before you head out. So that 16 miler should feel more like the last 16 miles of your marathon instead of the first 16.

Their plan has a rest day in the middle of the week. Since I am streaking I will be running a really easy 1-2 miles on those days.

For the runs on the other days I plan to stick mainly to their plan. I may add a mile or two here and there on the midweek runs but I will do no run longer than 16 miles.

Fingers crossed and tomorrow I should get my first speedwork session in.

Update on the hamstring - I ran another 7 miles today and while it felt tight a few times it wasnt too bad. I will guage it tomorrow morning but will definitely get out there for a few 400s, and hopefully the full 12 that the workout calls for.

Workouts for this week

Mon - (Speedword) 12 x 400s at around a 1:30-1:40 pace
Tue - (Rest) 1 mile easy
Wed - (Easy) 6 miles
Thu - (5K race) 5 miles - including warmup and cooldown
Fri - (Easy) 6 miles
Sat - (Long) 8 miles
Sun - (Easy) 6 miles

Total - 38 miles

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two days to go...

Ran 8 miles this morning with Jeanne - nice and easy. The hamstring was a little tight when we started but eased up after only about 2 blocks and felt fine the rest of the way. It's amazing how the miles just fly by when you run with a friend. She is planning to do the half marathon at Baystate this year, so I might just see if she wants to do all our long runs together because she is probably planning on maxing her long runs around 16 miles too.

I might try to get another 8 miler in tomorrow morning, or I might just take it easy tomorrow and actually try for the speedwork on Monday. Monday speedwork session would be 12 x 400s at about 1:30 pace - havent done anything like that in a LONG time.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Three Days to go

Still having some hamstring issues today. I ran one mile last night after soccer and it was pretty painful. I got up this morning after icing it last night and it felt a little better. I went out and ran with the Highlanders for their Friday Horn Pond Loop (about 4.5 miles) and it felt pretty good. I was actually scheduled for a 7 miler today but decided to opt out of that in hopes of actually getting a good 8 or 10 miler in tomorrow.

Only a few days before the Hanson Brothers' plan kicks in. I may have to forego the first speedwork because of my hamstring, but I will probably give it a go. That will be on Monday so we'll see how it feels.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Injuries suck!

So just when my toe was really starting to feel better, I woke up this morning with a pain running down the back of my left leg. Feels like I just pinched a nerve or something. I ran this morning and it was a little painful and tight, but I stretched afterwards and will hopefully be able to stretch a few times during the day and it should be fine.

But it just seems like it is one thing after the other lately. Kind of frustrating.

On the other hand, I finally figured out how to add my running log to this blog so you can see my workout totals daily now.

Countdown - 4 days till I start the Hanson Brothers' Marathon training program.

Friday, June 4, 2010

One more week

So my training officially starts in one more week. I have been ramping up my miles over the last few weeks trying to keep it in the 40-50 mile per week range. This has all been easy running, but has definitely been more miles than i was putting in earlier this year.

And my legs are feeling it. My hips and quads are tight, though part of that is my own fault. I really need to stretch more often.

On the upside of things, my toe is feeling better and I think that when I do start the plan it will be healed enough to start back into some speedwork. I dont plan to do any speedwork between now and then just to let it heal completely. It's been a long recovery for it and I want it ready for 18 weeks of serious training that is coming. It did hurt a little when I did trails last weekend, but then I sprained my ankle and miraculously I havent thought about my toe much since then. FYI - Ankle is fine, I did a 10 miler the next day with no issues.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Choosing a Marathon

So I have gone back and forth on this for quite a while now trying to find a marathon. I was basically debating between the Hartford Marathon (Oct 9th) and the Baystate Marathon (Oct 17th). Both are relatively flat courses and both have pace groups, which was a big deal to me.

One problem I have had during marathons is pacing. My pace tends to be all over the place and I think that if I did more even pacing it would help me. Also, I tend to get mentally drained towards the end of races so having people to talk to later in the race might help fend off some of the pain I am feeling.

Today I decided on the Baystate marathon. Mainly because it is closer. It wont require staying over or traveling at all. I can drive there in the morning. Also, it is close enough that I will be able to go up there a few times (hopefully every weekend) and do my long runs on the course. Given that, I have a few more weeks till the 18 week training plan starts for the Hanson Brothers' plan. My mileage last week was up from recent weeks coming in at just under 40 miles.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting Started

Ahh... a new blog. It's been a while since I tried out one of these things but here it goes.

The purpose of this new blog is to share my experience as I test out the Hanson Brothers' Marathon training program. their program is unlike most training programs in that it maxes out the long run at 16 miles, where most other programs would have you running a 20 or even a 22 miler or more. I searched and searched but really couldnt find many posts from people that have used it (successfully or not) so I thought I would run my own test with my planned Fall marathon this year.

It is an interesting program. The premise behind which is that no ONE run is more important than the rest. Where most programs have you resting the day before and sometimes the day after the long run, the Hanson Brothers' program has three medium runs (including a marathon pace tempo run) in the three days right before the long run. So according to their website, when you do the long run it is more like running the LAST 16 miles of a marathon, and not the first.

The plan is an 18 week plan so I dont start for another week or two, but I am getting my miles ramped up to an appropriate starting level. The program will be starting me at around 40 miles per week, maxing out towards the end at over 50.

I plan to follow their plan almost to the letter. My long runs will max out at 16, but they do have a rest day on Wednesdays and since I run EVERY DAY (and have for over 870 days now) I will be running an easy one mile run that day. The only other changes I may make would be to add a few miles to some of the shorter runs during the week depending on how I am feeling. The rest will be the same.

So I will find a way to log my runs in here - hopefully I can link to my actual running log so I dont have to duplicate my work. And let's see how this goes.