Monday, May 24, 2010

Choosing a Marathon

So I have gone back and forth on this for quite a while now trying to find a marathon. I was basically debating between the Hartford Marathon (Oct 9th) and the Baystate Marathon (Oct 17th). Both are relatively flat courses and both have pace groups, which was a big deal to me.

One problem I have had during marathons is pacing. My pace tends to be all over the place and I think that if I did more even pacing it would help me. Also, I tend to get mentally drained towards the end of races so having people to talk to later in the race might help fend off some of the pain I am feeling.

Today I decided on the Baystate marathon. Mainly because it is closer. It wont require staying over or traveling at all. I can drive there in the morning. Also, it is close enough that I will be able to go up there a few times (hopefully every weekend) and do my long runs on the course. Given that, I have a few more weeks till the 18 week training plan starts for the Hanson Brothers' plan. My mileage last week was up from recent weeks coming in at just under 40 miles.

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