Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting Started

Ahh... a new blog. It's been a while since I tried out one of these things but here it goes.

The purpose of this new blog is to share my experience as I test out the Hanson Brothers' Marathon training program. their program is unlike most training programs in that it maxes out the long run at 16 miles, where most other programs would have you running a 20 or even a 22 miler or more. I searched and searched but really couldnt find many posts from people that have used it (successfully or not) so I thought I would run my own test with my planned Fall marathon this year.

It is an interesting program. The premise behind which is that no ONE run is more important than the rest. Where most programs have you resting the day before and sometimes the day after the long run, the Hanson Brothers' program has three medium runs (including a marathon pace tempo run) in the three days right before the long run. So according to their website, when you do the long run it is more like running the LAST 16 miles of a marathon, and not the first.

The plan is an 18 week plan so I dont start for another week or two, but I am getting my miles ramped up to an appropriate starting level. The program will be starting me at around 40 miles per week, maxing out towards the end at over 50.

I plan to follow their plan almost to the letter. My long runs will max out at 16, but they do have a rest day on Wednesdays and since I run EVERY DAY (and have for over 870 days now) I will be running an easy one mile run that day. The only other changes I may make would be to add a few miles to some of the shorter runs during the week depending on how I am feeling. The rest will be the same.

So I will find a way to log my runs in here - hopefully I can link to my actual running log so I dont have to duplicate my work. And let's see how this goes.

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