Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calibration Day

I headed over to the track this morning with the Highlanders. They were doing speed work, but today was my rest day so I just jogged a few miles this morning and chatted with them on their rest intervals.

My main goal this morning was to calibrate my Nike+ sensor. I have used the Nike+ a bunch in the past and bought a new one a few weeks ago but never calibrated it. I have found that it is never 100% accurate, but it is at least consistent. So when I go out tomorrow (or Thursday - haven't completely decided yet) for my marathon pace run, it will at the very least allow me to run consistent pace throughout the run.

I do plan to use it for pace, so it needed to be calibrated on the track to improve the accuracy. My goal marathon pace is 7:40 mpm, which will get me my 3:20 marathon time for my Boston qualifier. So I plan to run these marathon pace runs in the range of 7:30-7:40. I figure that with the margin of error that the Nike+ has, this should keep me close enough to my marathon pace for the run.

Calibration only took a couple laps, so the rest of the time was just easy jogging today. Hip still hurt a little but was fine by the time I got back to the gym.

Tomorrow - either 6 mile marathon pace run (with 1 mile warmup and cool down) or a 7 mile easy run.

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