Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 1 - It begins

Okay, today was day one. I rolled my lazy butt out of bed at about 5:15am this morning so I could get out there and do my run. Drove over to Winchester center and ran into Brenda from the Highlanders. She was the only Highlander that showed up for their normal Monday run. I felt a little bad that I wasnt going to be running with her but I needed to head to the track. I invited her along but she declined and decided to do the Monday run by herself since she will be doing track work with the Highlanders tomorrow, but maybe she would stop by the track after.

So I ran over to Winchester High School and hit the track. As per my usual track routine I ran one easy lap before getting started to clear off any crap on the inside lane (which today included a barrel, three water bottles and a lacrosse goal).

And I was off. I took the first 400 out a bit too fast coming in at 1:22 which I knew might hurt me later, but on the up-side it was nice to know I could do a 400 in 1:22 since it has been a really long time since I have done any track work. The rest were pretty much on the 1:30 pace I was looking for, and I even found as I neared teh end of each that I could call my team pretty accurately and knew when I was going to be a second faster or slower than the 1:30 pace. I ran each 400 with a 200 recovery jog inbetween. Here are my splits.

1 0:01:22
2 0:01:31
3 0:01:30
4 0:01:31
5 0:01:30
6 0:01:32
7 0:01:32
8 0:01:30
9 0:01:31
10 0:01:29
11 0:01:29
12 0:01:29

Also, I was happy that I was actually able to do all 12. I thought about cutting it short at 10 but got through the last two.

Update to this week's schedule - I forgot about the 5K that my company is sponsoring on Thursday so my plan now is to do switch the Tuesday and Wednesday workouts so my legs are fresher for the race.

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