Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 900 and a solid 5K

Today I had a 5K. I wasn't really adequately trained. I only did one speedwork session in the past like 6 months, and that was this week. It was a race my company - SBLI - sponsored in Boston.

I figured the course would be flat. I have run a 5 miler in that area of Boston before and it was pretty flat. But they decided to loop the course around the Convention Center, going up and down these huge ramps 3-4 times. But I felt pretty good going in. My leg and toe have both been feeling better. I got a good warmup in and hung out with my coworkers for a bit.

At the start there were too many people ahead of me. I had checked prior years results and figured that I would be around the 20:00 mark and should come in around 50th. I tried to place myself appropriately at the start but the people that were in front of me I could tell were not going to stay there for long.

I ran the first mile pretty comfortably and was a bit disappointed when I came in at 6:33 (because that is not sub-20 pace). I usually lose it in the second mile so I concentrated on picking up the pace just a bit and reeling people in. I didnt let anyone pass me and passed a few more people. The last uphill was at the 2 mile mark and it kind of drained me more than it should have.

I pushed on and kept concentrating on that next person in front of me and trying to catch them - not quickly but slowly catching them and passing them. The last half mile I tried but couldnt catch anyone. We were all in the same pace group it seemed. With what I thought was about a minute left in the race I poured it on - oops, too soon. I passed like 4 people but coming up on the last turn I started to fade. I was able to hold them off, but just barely.

Finish time was 20:06 - wanted sub-20 and maybe it would have been on a flatter course, who knows. It was good enough for 24th overall and 7th in my age group. I was happy with it and it was nice that with no speedwork, I can still throw down a 20 minute 5K.

Just wait till the Fall after I have 2-3 months of speedwork under my belt. I am going to crush my PR in September!!!

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