Sunday, June 13, 2010

It all starts tomorrow

Tomorrow I start the Hanson Brothers' Marathon Training plan.

Here is my general plan.

I have modified their plan a little, but only by shifting it one day forward. I am going to do my speedwork days on Mondays, My marathon pace runs on Wednesdays and the long runs on Saturdays. But then again, life gets in the way a lot so my days may switch.

The main goal is to have 3 good running days in right before each long run. This goes along with their plan because the whole point of only doing a long run of 16 miles is that you have 3 days of fatigue in your legs before you head out. So that 16 miler should feel more like the last 16 miles of your marathon instead of the first 16.

Their plan has a rest day in the middle of the week. Since I am streaking I will be running a really easy 1-2 miles on those days.

For the runs on the other days I plan to stick mainly to their plan. I may add a mile or two here and there on the midweek runs but I will do no run longer than 16 miles.

Fingers crossed and tomorrow I should get my first speedwork session in.

Update on the hamstring - I ran another 7 miles today and while it felt tight a few times it wasnt too bad. I will guage it tomorrow morning but will definitely get out there for a few 400s, and hopefully the full 12 that the workout calls for.

Workouts for this week

Mon - (Speedword) 12 x 400s at around a 1:30-1:40 pace
Tue - (Rest) 1 mile easy
Wed - (Easy) 6 miles
Thu - (5K race) 5 miles - including warmup and cooldown
Fri - (Easy) 6 miles
Sat - (Long) 8 miles
Sun - (Easy) 6 miles

Total - 38 miles

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