Friday, June 4, 2010

One more week

So my training officially starts in one more week. I have been ramping up my miles over the last few weeks trying to keep it in the 40-50 mile per week range. This has all been easy running, but has definitely been more miles than i was putting in earlier this year.

And my legs are feeling it. My hips and quads are tight, though part of that is my own fault. I really need to stretch more often.

On the upside of things, my toe is feeling better and I think that when I do start the plan it will be healed enough to start back into some speedwork. I dont plan to do any speedwork between now and then just to let it heal completely. It's been a long recovery for it and I want it ready for 18 weeks of serious training that is coming. It did hurt a little when I did trails last weekend, but then I sprained my ankle and miraculously I havent thought about my toe much since then. FYI - Ankle is fine, I did a 10 miler the next day with no issues.

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