Monday, June 28, 2010

That's the ticket...

Okay, now that was much better.

Basically this whole morning sucked - from how tired I was when I got up, to my tight hamstring running, to the guy the cut me off on the way to the gym, to work.

But lunch was much better. I got in about 5.4 miles at lunch, which is my regular Horn Pond loop with a small dirt road section added on. The hamstring felt great. The toe felt fine. My right hip was a little tight but nothing bad there.

But man was it hot. It was about 91 degrees and a bit muggy, but the run was good so I didnt even care that it took me 20 minutes of walking around the gym and a really cold shower to cool me off enough to go back to the office.

Rest day tomorrow (1-2 miles easy) and then my first Tempo/Marathon Pace run on Wednesday or Thursday.

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