Friday, July 9, 2010

I am the Man of "Lead"???

Holy crap, my legs just felt like dead stumps of wood this morning. We were out pretty late last night at a baseball game - didnt get home till 10:30, and probably didnt get to bed till midnight. That is like the 4th night in a row that I got to bed late and still rolled out of bed at 5:00ish to run. So I give myself props for getting out of bed, but I really think I need a good nights sleep.

Started off my 8 miler and it was just slow and painful. About 2 miles in, the left earpiece on my headphones gave out and started giving me static and jumping in and out of the song. So i tore the wire in half and just used the right earpiece. I have another set at home that I'll find tonight.

Around mile 6, I dropped the shoes for a mile and ran barefoot. It felt okay but I had only wanted to do about 3/4 mile and did a mile and was feeling it in my feet and big toe at the end. On the upside, the last mile and a half when I put my shoes back on felt a little better.

Maybe I'm just tired, maybe it is all this humidity and heat we have had lately but my legs just didnt have it today. Here's hoping for a better 8 miler tomorrow.

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  1. It's the heat and humidity. Down here in TN, it feels more like swimming than running. To quote a friend, "it's air you can wear."

    I admire your ability to get up and beat the sun, as it is the only thing that can be avoided with the Axis of Evil (sun, heat, humidity)

    My long "run" yesterday was supposed to be 11.5; it was 84 when I started at 7:30 and then after a horrible 8.3 at 10:30 pace, I turned Garmin off, walked 2.5 miles home, and found out it was already 93 outside.

    Keep it up!