Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last minute decision

Out for my 7 mile easy run this morning around horn pond in Woburn and I the whole while I kept trying to decide if I wanted to veer off down a trail that adds an extra 4/10 mile to the route.

Last second I decided to do it so I completed about 7.5 miles today, but I have a little twinge of pain in my rich achilles area. I'm going to ice it and take some ibuprofen, but I have to wonder if it was that extra half mile that did me in.

Overall, it didnt feel too bad, but the humidity was ridiculous this morning. A few drops of rain, and I was praying for it to start downpouring just to cool off - never mind the fact that I was wearing my light grey shorts so it pretty much looked like I had pissed myself when I walked back into the gym.

8 miles tomorrow (going to try to meet up with the Highlanders) and then a long run of 14 on Saturday.

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