Sunday, July 4, 2010

On Fire!

Nope, not my running - more like my skin. Last two days at the pool and woke up with a slight sunburn today. Now, usually a "slight" sunburn wouldnt worry me too much, but we are heading to the beach for the whole day today so I am just cringing at what it is going to be like after 5 hours in the sun today.

Run today was rough - took it easy and was actually trying to avoid even the early morning sun. Did 5.7 and may throw in some barefoot running at the beach later today for a half mile or so.

Tomorrow morning I'll make my determination as to whether I am going to do speedwork or not. The plan calls for 4 x 1200 on 4:45ish. It's only four repeats so I dont think it should be too bad, but we'll see how everythign is feeling tomorrow.

Now, off to pack and go to the beach - slathered up with sunscreen SPF 50 today.

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