Monday, July 5, 2010

Racing with the sprinklers

Holiday today!! (Well, day off from work at least)

Got up early anyway and ran down to the Melrose High School track - which honestly is in pretty crappy shape and floods if someone spits on it. But since we are at the beginning of a heat wave here in New England, it was dry at least.

6:40 in the morning and it was already pretty hot out. There is one quarter of the track that had some shade when it passed near the High School and lo and behold, the sprinklers were on. After the first few laps I found that if I was on the right pace, I would come around that bend each time just as the sprinklers were hitting the track and could get a nice shower every lap. I was off on a couple laps and missed and really felt the heat when I did.

Pace was slightly slower than the Hanson plan describes (4:42) for the 4 x 1,200 workout that I had planned for today.

0.75 0:04:41
0.25 0:02:20
0.75 0:04:48
0.25 0:02:20
0.75 0:04:49
0.25 0:02:20
0.75 0:04:44

But overall I was pleased with the workout and the hamstrings were tight for the run home but they held up for the workout.

Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow - may try to recalibrate the Nike+. If it craps out on me again for Wednesday's marathon pace run then I am going to take my birthday money and test out a Garmin Forerunner (either the 305 or the new 110).

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