Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Resting up

Today was my rest day so of course I got up early. I've been having some serious trouble sleeping lately - which makes me tired, but at least I am usually up to get in my morning runs.

So just a bit over a mile today adn I am happy to say that my barefoot running is now over a mile so all my Tuesday runs from now on should be completely barefoot. I did 1.3 miles today - actually a little farther than I had planned. The bottoms of my feet tingle, but I think that is what it is supposed to feel like as you condition them for longer running.

6 mile marathon pace run tomorrow. I never did get a chance to pick up a Garmin. I went to REI last week, but they didnt have the Forerunner 110 that I wanted to try, and I wasnt ready to splurge for the new 310xt. I have to do a search to find a place nearby that carries the 110. For tomorrow I'll just pick up the pace for the 6 miles.

I'm not planning on using the dreadmill for it, but it would be a good way to set my pace. I'd rather run outside.

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  1. I've checked around and have found a few folks who switched from the 305 to the 110. They all seem to miss the 305. I had considered it because of its size, but opted to stay with the bulky one for its display capabilities. Just an FYI.