Saturday, July 31, 2010

Running in Lowell

Headed out to Lowell this morning to run some of the marathon course. Things did not go quite as planned. When I got there I found the bridge at the 3 mile mark pretty easy, but missed my turn later and got a bit lost/turned around. I eventually found the bridge again and just decided to run the course backwards 7 miles and then turn around.

The run itself was great. The road is pretty open so the cars gave me plenty of space and there were a few nice things to look at - golf couse, horses, and the river in spots. As I rounded the "bouncing bridge" the scenery got worse, just some houses, car repair and parts shops (there seemed to be quite a few of them).

As I turned around for the return trip, it was actually even better. For the first half there was another runner a few hundred yards ahead of me to pace off of. I passed him before I hit the bridge again. As I got over the bridge there were two girls running, again a couple hundred yards up, to pace off as well. I passed them about halfway down the road.

The fourteen miles felt pretty good - I even upped the pace for the last mile and ran somewhere in the 7s.

6 mile easy run tomorrow.

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