Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tempo Run - Kind of

Today was supposed to be a tempo run at marathon pace - 7 miles. Again, lack of any really flat roads, I started today off with a 2+ mile run straight up the hill on route 108. As I ran back I went the other way past Smuggs and did about 3 miles at tempo pace to finish up. I was happy I was able to hold marathon pace after the 2 mile climb.

Tough run today. I tried to run to the top of the mountain. I didnt make it. I got about half way up and the hill just seemed to get steeper and steeper - must have been coming up on some double black diamond trails. So I turned around and ran back down - man my legs were getting tired by Thursday.

Opted to hit the roads today. Took a right out of the resort onto 108 and it wasnt too bad. It had some rolling hills but nothing unmanageable or too steep. Of course, got about 3 miles out and had to go to the bathroom so I turned around.

Last day at Smuggs so I wanted to hit the trails again. Did a similar loop to Monday but not as long - really nice trail runs there, but again some hiking as the hills were steep and long at some points as you rounded your way up the mountain.

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