Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weather sucks

Okay, I dreadmilled it again today. I was exhausted when I woke up this morning at 5:00 and went back to bed again till 5:30. Got up, still tired but this morning was my only time to get my run in today.

I start the drive to the gym, ready to do the same marathon pace route I did last week and the week before. About halfway to they gym, the sky opens up, the lightning and thunder start crashing and the humidity seems to jump 10 points during the drive.

I opted to just hit the treadmill instead of braving the storm. Though by the end of the run I was wishing I had just gone outside. Eight miles on the treadmill was torture. I watched an episode (or most of) of Mythbusters on my ipod - pretty good episode testing whether a styrofoam cup thrown from a moving car could go through a windshield and kill another driver. It couldnt, but you really wouldnt believe the damage the thing did do.

Anyway, the run felt like crap and I almost just stopped a few times, but sucked it up for just over an hour to finish up the run. Next week the marathon pace run moves up to 7 miles.

Easy runs for a few days and then my first 12 miler on Saturday for my long run.

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