Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ankle is still sketchy

I made a mistake and didnt take my rest day today. Yesterday I was supposed to do 10 miles, but my wife didnt get home until late so I cut it short and only did about 5. Today I was supposed to do 1-2 miles, but instead decided to make up yesterdays miles and did closer to 6.

I realize now that my body (especially my ankle I think) likes that rest day. My ankle is all achy now. I just iced it up and will take some ibuprofen today to keep the swelling down, and hopefully it will be fine for tomorrow's marathon pace run. This week is also my first 16 miler - planning on heading up to the course again for it if I can.

Debating whether taking off a full week would be better for my ankle, but the runner in me is way to worried about losing the mileage and some fitness during a week off. If I am going to do it, I should do it soon though so I still have plenty of time to get more miles in before the marathon.

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