Friday, August 20, 2010

Easy but somewhat painful days

So I made a point yesterday to ice my ankle several times, and took ibuprofen every 4-5 hours. Last night I slept with my boot thingee that I had bought for my plantar fascitis earlier this year. Though I woke up this morning and I had apparently taken it off some time during the night.

Ankle felt okay this morning, but I was determined not to try to push it too far. I started off on a 4 mile loop. At 1.75 miles, I felt a twinge of pain in the ankle so I turned around, slowed down and headed back (note that when I say slow down I mean now I am running 10:00mpm pace which is really slow for me). I ran back about a mile and it was feeling better so I decided to just kind of run up the road a half mile or so and turn around. I did this a few times, always staying relatively close to the turn to head back to the gym.

I ended up getting 8 miles in, and my pace had pushed up to around 9:00mpm by the time I was done. But more importantly I didnt have any more twinges of pain. I probably could have finished off the 10 miles I had on the plan for today, but decided not to - with my luck it woudl be that last 2 miles that did me in.

10 miler planned for tomorrow morning - may try to head up to Lowell to run the 10 mile loop on the marathon course (though that is a bit dangerous with my sketchy ankle because if it hurts halfway around, I am 5 miles from my car). More ice and ibuprofen today and I'll probably wear the boot again to bed to isolate the ankle and reduce movement and strain while I sleep.

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