Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Easy run today

Just did a quick 2 miler this morning. I actually ran a little faster than I should have, but I was trying to see what my pace that I used to run easy at would feel like now. I averaged 8:10s and it felt okay, a little harder than I think it should have but I think my body is getting used to running the slower paces. No big deal, unless my body doesnt respond to a faster pace on race day.

After that I went back to the gym and did 2 circuits of the Spartacus workout. It felt really good to do some sort of weight workout again. I really need to try to be consistent on doing this workout.

Marathon pace run tomorrow - 8 miles. I havent decided if I am just going to do the same route as last time or try to mix it up a bit and try a different route. I guess we'll find out in the morning - hopefully it wont be as humid as it is today.

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