Monday, August 16, 2010

Good running weekend

Did a long run Saturday up in New Hampshire - just under 15 miles. It was nice because I actually had company for the first 10 miles, which I never have. It was kind of slow and easy but felt pretty good.

Sunday I did a little under 6 miles - it was hilly up there no matter which direction I ran. Tried to take it easy to rest up for the week. Later in the day we went canoeing. We got about a quarter mile or so down the river and my wife tells me to jump out and swim back because my daughter wants a kayak. So I do. I am still wiped out today from that - canoeing, swimming, then cranking it up in the kayak trying to catch back up to them, and then canoeing for a few more hours after that. I was just tired this morning and work was going to suck so I cut my run short to get into the office.

Just a mile or so tomorrow, then a marathon pace run on Wednesday.

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