Saturday, August 28, 2010

A little long

Well, since the Hanson Brothers plan calls for no runs longer than 16, I guess I blew that today. I ran the course again, this time with a friend who is also doing it, and I mis-judged how far the start line was from the finish line. I ended up closer to 16.75 miles.

Oh well.

Still, it was a good run and nice to have someone to run with. I twisted my ankle at mile 8, but walked a minute then ran slow the next mile and eased back into it and didnt have any other troubles with it - though it is a bit stiff now.

Easy 6 miles tomorrow to bring me pretty close to 60 miles for the week so that is nice (though my friend is going to hit close to 80 this week - having done 11 milers most of the week before the long run today - Wow!!)

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