Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pace run

Good pace run today, but I am finding that the 7:40 pace I need to hold is not one of my gears. I can run a 7:50 pace and hold it, or I can kick it up a notch and run a 7:33ish pace, but I just cant seem to kick it up a half a notch to hit the 7:40 pace evenly.

This can easily be seen by my splits today. I averaged a 7:41 pace today but my miles are staggered (and even within them is staggered). I ran some closer to 7:30 and some closer to 7:48. There were some that came in around 7:40 but that was because I was keeping a closer eye on my watch and when I got halfway through and saw that I was at 7:50 I kicked it up for the second half so that mile would average 7:40ish, which means the second half was at 7:30.

This means I may be counting on the pace group more than I had hoped I would need to, but that is waht they are there for - to help me even out my pace so I am not so sporadic in my pace during the marathon.

Medium-long easy days coming up with a long run of only 10 this weekend, though I may do 12 if I am feeling it on Saturday.

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