Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rest is Good

and so is a nice new pair of running shoes.

Not sure which one helped my ankle more but I did 8 miles this morning (Hill repeats with the Highlanders) and the ankle felt fine. I got a twinge of pain in the other ankle just as I turned into the parking lot at the gym at the end of the run, so I just stopped and walked and dont think it will amount to anything.

Last three days of rest felt good for the legs and joints. But mentally, it is killing me that I missed two hard workouts and am down about 10 miles for the week. I really need to relax and move on.

Currently I am worrying about my runs this weekend. I have my "Running Coach Certification" class this weekend and it starts at 8:00 in Auburndale, MA (wherever that is) but I need to do a 10 miler on Sat. and 8 on Sunday. I am going to have to get up pretty damn early Saturday to get 10 miles in, shower and get to Auburndale.

10 miler tomorrow - probably head over and run with the HIghlanders again if I can for some of it.

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