Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Somedays the running is great and other days...

So Saturday I had a great run, a really great run - maybe even an awesome run. It was 14 miles on the marathon course and everything felt good - my hamstring, my toe, my legs, my mind was fresh for the entire run.

Then Sunday I went out and about 3 miles into a 5 miler, my ankle starts hurting. Okay, my wife says it's not my ankle, it is that area on the top of your foot where the foot meets the shin, but I call it the ankle.

So yesterday, I decided to swap my days and do my rest day and did just over a mile - hurt towards the end and my foot I noticed was really swollen when I got home. So I iced it.

Today, I opted to do another mile day to rest it. It was a bit stiff but no pain durnig the mile, but now it is worrying me because I can still feel the stiffness and I'm not sure when I can get back to serious running. I will probably do another rest day tomorrow and then try to get back into regular mileage on Thursday.

This will kill my mileage for this week, but better that than letting it fester and turn into something more serious.

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