Thursday, August 19, 2010

Starting to worry...

...about my right ankle - or more to the point I think it is the tendon on top of my foot that connects my ankle to my leg.

Today is very reminiscent of a few weeks ago when I had a great 14 mile run and then the next day my ankle was screwed up. Yesterday I had a great 8 mile marathon pace run, and today my ankle feels screwed up again.

I am sitting here at my desk with an ice pack shoved down my sock. It also didnt help that I didnt sleep much last night, and it probably didnt help that my wife and I were working our butts off the last few days moving furniture, painting and cleaning to move our kids rooms around. Either way, something is wrong - so I only ran a mile today, and am on a regimen of ice and ibuprofen to reduce any swelling (though I dont really see any)

We'll see how it feels tomorrow.

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