Monday, September 13, 2010

Ankle sprain... again

I really think that for some reason my right ankle must just be weak. I ran a 16 miler this weekend - ended up doing 5 laps around Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA. At around mile 15 I twisted my ankle (again). It just seems to happen way more often than it should.

I was still able to finish up the 16 miler and it felt okay, but I really should have rested it the rest of the day. Unfortunately that was not going to happen. I had 3 soccer games to attend to Saturday, one of which I was coaching my 7 year old and was therefore running all over the field with the kids. They played great, but my ankle was really bothering me.

After that my other two kids had games and I was able to just sit and watch those (so ankle got rest but my legs tightened up). Saturday night we had my daughter's birthday party so we played Laser Tag for 3.5 hours (not good for the ankle).

Sunday I took it relatively easy but my son wanted to run in the local 5K downtown so I ran it with him. Only 3.1 miles but it really didnt feel good afterwards. I tried to take it easy the rest of the day watching the Pats win (Yay team!).

Today my youngest turns 7. She is so excited, so I got up early and started my run. I knew I wasnt going to do the intervals but planned on doing 10 easy miles. At mile 4 my ankle started hurting, so I walked for a few minutes and massaged it a bit and slowly turned around to head home (I was 4 miles out so I really couldnt walk back). It started feeling better so I eventually got my 10 miles in. Now I am at work and about to grab the ice pack to ice it today.

Tomorrow is just a 1 miler so that will be good to get the rest and we'll see how it feels on Wednesday before I decide whether I am going to do the marathon pace run.

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