Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feelin Good

Did a 9 mile pace run today and felt pretty good. Granted, I didnt get much sleep and it was pretty humid out there, so I did feel a bit dehydrated at the end, but I was able to hold pace pretty well.

Funny thing is that the pace run today actually ended up being longer than my long run will be this weekend.

Now on to my debate. I have a 16 miler planned for next weekend (Sept 11/12) but there is a 5K on the 12th that is a pretty good course and right in my home town. I am tempted to give it a try but that would mean foregoing the long run I think - or running the 5K on really tired legs which isnt exactly a good idea either. So, not sure what I will do - right now I am planning on not doing the 5K and doing my long run, but I may change my mind several times between now and then.

Six miles tomorrow, then 10, then 12, then 8. Lots of mileage the rest of the week, but all of it slow. And I was really happy with my speed workouts this week.

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