Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No speedwork this week

I twisted my ankle pretty bad I guess on Saturday during my long run. I took it easy Sunday and Monday I skipped the intervals and just did some easy mileage.

Today i was supposed to have my marathon pace run (9 miles) but my ankle kind of hurt when I got up (probably due to the position I sleep in). It felt a little better when I started running but I opted to do about 12 miles easy instead of 9 at marathon pace. I think it was the right decision. The marathon is about a month away now and I dont want to do anything that might keep me injured for race day.

So, I'll keep all the miles easy this week and go back to some speedwork (at least back to the marathon pace run - 10 miles) next week.

6 tomorrow, 10 on Friday and 12 on Saturday.

Starting to close in on day 1,000 of my running streak - only 10 days left. I will hit the 1,000 during my long run next Saturday.

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