Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last hard workout

till the marathon, and it wasnt even has hard as it should have been. I had planned on doing 10-12 miles today with 8-10 of them at marathon pace. Instead, I only did 5 because I was too tired and woke up REALLY late. I did do 3 of them at marathon pace.

Only 11 days left now, so all my runs will be easy from here on out. It's just a matter of how long the easy runs will be I guess. I would still like to make 45 miles this week, but dont know if that will happen. At this point, no workout will really affect how I do in the marathon, it's more just a matter of resting, but not losing fitness at the same time.

Tomorrow I'm not sure how many I'll get in because my wife is working so no run in the morning, but I'll try to get something in at lunch. I would love to get a few good 10 or 12 milers in this weekend and then shorter runs next week as we lead into the race.