Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Final Thoughts

Okay, so the race is over. Sorry for the delay in posting my final thoughts on the Hanson Brothers Program, but I had a death in the family a few hours after I finished the marathon so I have been otherwise occupied.

First question - did I feel adequately prepared for the marathon?
Answer - Yes, I think I did. I dont think that only runnin a maximum of 17 miles hurt me that much. Do I think it hurt me - probably a little.

Second question - What are the downfalls of the program as I see it?
Answer - I think it needs more mileage. I ran an average of about 50 miles for the last 4 months of training. I really wish I had ran closer to 60. For me, that was more about time commitment than a willingness to run or fatigue or anything like that. I just have too much other stuff going on to fit in more than about 50-5 miles a week.

Third Question - How did I do?
Answer - I was very happy with my marathon. But... I also went out too fast. I wanted to qualify for Boston, but in the back of my head kind of knew that a 7:40 pace was a lot for me. My best previous marathon was an 8:30 pace and that's a big difference. I held the pace for about 16 miles and then my feet just felt like lead. My legs - quads, calves - felt fine, but my feet felt heavy. I was still able to run pretty comfortably, but my pace dropped to 8:40ish for the rest of the race. I also didnt drink enough - stopped sweating at mile 21 so had to replenish over the next few water stops. But I was happy with it overall. My only wonder would be whether I think I could have maybe started at a 3:30 (8:00mpm) pace and held that the entire time. I think I probably could have and in retrospect would have been better off going that route.

All in all, I was happy with the program, but I think that if I do another marathon (not for at least a couple years) I'm not sure if I would skip the 20 milers, if not just for the extra mileage that it gets in. I would probably not worry about them if I could get my weekly average up over 65 miles per week.

That's all for this blog. Marathon done - now time for some rest and running cause I want to, not because it's part of a plan.


  1. I feel like I'm more motivated to run AFTER I've done a race - it's the freedom to run for run as opposed to having to.

    It sounds like a good race, and I'm glad you are happy with it :)

  2. Good thing you note your mistakes, they are what we learn from. Keep training and always set goals!

  3. Thanks for the honest sharing, it sound like you hit the wall at the 16 mile! That's where the tough keep going! Well done! resting is important for recovery.